Our story


A decade ago, we became first-time parents and embarked on one of the most amazing experiences of our lives. Both overwhelmed and excited with the arrival of our first daughter, Olivia, little did we know what to expect and how to parent this little human being. Two years later we welcomed our second daughter, Emilia. Our third daughter, Julia, was born two years after that. What a whirlwind!

Suffice it to say we were completely besotted by them! The deep love we felt towards these three precious beings was coupled with a natural desire to help them be the happiest they possibly could be. As part of this, we wanted to help them develop to their full potential so we adopted a growth mindset in our parenting style, teaching them how to be open-minded and confident.

When we discovered one of our daughters had a speech delay, we had to educate ourselves on how to support her. Both of us attended many courses and support groups, which then sparked the idea of creating books that would capture her attention in the most engaging way where she would see herself and try to imitate the sounds read to her. We then realized that our two other daughters also love these kinds of books, as they can also go through amazing experiences while being the main character of the book.

So we've created a variety of personalized books that are inspiring, engaging and educational for little readers of all backgrounds. The books emphasize the importance of learning from mistakes and the value of taking risks rather than seeing failure as an indication of one's lack of ability. We worked hard to put together stories which are creative, surprising and educational but not patronizing – and most importantly, they’re fun to read!

We can't wait to meet you on this wild and wonderful journey!
Gosia and Tom with Olivia, Emilia and Julia